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Workbench Welding Mirrors ø 110, 160, 250, 315 mm


Basic description of the POLYS P-4a LUX


  1. »the mirrors are used for welding of thin-wall pipes from thermoplastic materials intended especially for air conditioning, sewers and pressure-less water distribution
  2. »the welding mirrors are coated with the titan oxide together with PTFE anti-adhesion coating featuring extra long life cycle and minimum waste of the welded material
  3. »electronic mirror control provides accurate temperature setting in the range from 180˚ to 280˚C
  4. »clamp for workbench set up allows easy handling of the pipes being welded
  5. »the transport case provides protection of the anti-adhesive coating and ensures safe and easy transportation
  6. »the foot stand allows the mirror to be properly set up when working in the field or in spaces without furniture

The welding mirrors are intended for butt welding of pipes for pressure-less applications, e.g. welding of sewer pipes. Recently they have been used for welding of air conditioning and ventilation elements made of thermoplastics. The entire surface of the heating area is equipped with the special DT coating. They are supplied in a sheet metal case with the foot stand and the clamp designed for fixing to a workbench.

The following complete set contains:

  1. »welding mirror
  2. »sheet metal case
  3. »workbench clamp
  4. »foot stand

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Obj. č. Typ Povlak nástavců
28878 POLYS P-4a LUX 1200W / Ø 110 mm blue Blue
28879 POLYS P-4a LUX 800W / Ø 160 mm blue Blue
28880 POLYS P-4a LUX 1500W / Ø 250 mm blue Blue
28881 POLYS P-4a LUX 2300W / d315 mm blue Blue


Workbench Welding Mirrors 110 160 250 315
Temperature control potentiometer potentiometer potentiometer potentiometer
Work mode indication LED LED LED LED
Temperature setting accuracy (°C) 10 10 10 10
Temperature range (°C) 180 - 280 180 - 280 180 - 280 180 - 280
Power demand of welding mirror (W) 1200 800 1500 2300
Outer diameter of welding mirror (mm) 130 200 300 380
Maximum welding diameter (mm) 110 160 250 315
Voltage (V) 230 230 230 230
Weight (kg) 2,1 3,0 5,5 8,3
Order No. 28878 28879 28880 28881