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Mobile Welding Equipment

MP75, MP 110 and ST160

The following Weldings MP according to the power demand:

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Mobil welding equipment within 75 mm in diameter

Obj. č. Typ Vložky
1413 Montážní přípravek MP-75 Ø 40 – 75 mm

Light welding fixture is controlled using a lever where the continuously adjustable clamping jaws permit fixed clamping and welding of fittings and pipes Ø 40 – 75 mm. The low weight of this equipment is an advantage and it can be further reduced by removing the clamping jaw and therefore this equipment provides best results for hard to reach welds, e.g. under a ceiling.

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Mobil welding equipment within Ø 110 mm

Obj. č. Typ Vložky Svářečka Dimenze
36139 Vložka STABI Ø 40 mm - - Ø 40 mm
36140 Vložka STABI Ø 50 mm - - Ø 50 mm
36141 Vložka STABI Ø 63 mm - - Ø 63 mm
36142 Vložka STABI Ø 75 mm - - Ø 75 mm
36143 Vložka STABI Ø 90 mm - - Ø 90 mm
36144 Vložka STABI Ø 110 mm - - Ø 110 mm
3967 Montážní přípravek MP-110 UD Eko Ø 63 – 110 mm P-4a 1250 W -
1652 Montážní přípravek MP-110 UD Ø 40 – 110 mm P-4a 1250 W -
3969 Montážní přípravek MP-110 UM Ø 40 – 110 mm P-4a 1250 W -
Mobilní svařovací přípravek do ø 110 mm

Sturdy Professional equipment is intended for socket fusion welding of pipes and fittings up to Ø 110 mm. The set includes all the necessary accessories stored in a practical case. The reduction inserts for the STABI pipes can be ordered optionally. The equipment is manufactured in a more compact and fighter version for workshop operation or in a field version with weld protection against impurities, which includes support of the pipes being welded to ensure correct weld alignment.

The set equipment contains: clamping device (with selected clamp), welder POLYS P-4a 1250W, pair adaptors with blue DT coating Ø 40, 50, 63, 75, 90 and 110 mm, reduction inserts according to the selected version, stand for welder, centering device, special clamping inserts, sheet metal case for accessories, Ø 5, 6, 8 mm allen wrench.

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Advantages of MP-110 equipment line

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Multi-Functional Equipment for Butt/Socket Fusion Welding

Obj. č. Typ
1657 Svářecí zařízení ST-160
Kombinovaný přípravek pro čelní i polyfúzní svařování

This is a unique mechanical equipment which allows performing of both socket fusion welding up to Ø 110 mm and butt welding up to Ø 160 mm. The supplied universal clamp provides exact fixation of any fitting during socket fusion welding. Another plus of this equipment is the mobile stainless steel bench suited for easy manipulation of the equipment. This equipment can be used for welding of water pipings and sewer pipes.

The set equipment contains: clamping device, welder POLYS P-4c 1200W, trimmer, reduction inserts for clamping device Ø 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110, 125, 140 mm, pair adaptors Ø 40, 50, 63, 75, 90, 110 mm, left clamp for fittings, butt mirror attachments Ø 170, sheet metal case for accessories, stainless steel assembly bench, Ø 4, 6 and 8 mm allen wrench.